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Reasons of sex tourism

There are many reasons of emergence and development of sex tourism as social phenomenon. One explanation connects distribution of this type of tourism with poverty. Poverty of the population in some countries stimulates emergence of sex - tourism. More often women in these countries are deprived of civil rights. Contrast between strict restrictions on prostitution in one countries (generally it is countries of Western Europe) and its actual legality in others (it is east countries more often, excepting Islamic) led to sex tourism development.

The organized sex tours for Europeans and Americans to such countries as Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, the countries of Latin America and Eastern Europe are in great demand.

Generally in many countries where prostitution isn't legalized, the income of sex tourism goes to shadow economy, but some countries start to undertake certain steps on legalization.

Experience of legalization of prostitution is most known in the Netherlands (since 2000 here it is authorized to open brothels) where officially registered prostitutes have all civil rights and receive social benefits, as any other workers.

In the first years of 21 century the income of the sex industry made about 5 % of national economy of the Netherlands.

Since 2002 year prostitution is legalized in Germany where it is legal for citizens of the European Union, but forbidden for citizens from other countries. Measures for legalization of prostitution are carried out and in some other the countries – in Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia.

Some popular countries for sex tourism:


Czech Republic. This East Europe country was beaten out in recent years in leaders: inexpensive, closely, variously, without special problems. For today prostitution is one of the most profitable spheres of shadow economy of the Czech Republic. To bring from the country only pleasant memories, it is meaningful to observe simple safety rules (they concern behavior in any country): not to drink a lot of alcohol, to carry money with itself only for payment of leisure and transport, not to go to unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people and, certainly, to be protected.

Holland. The country noted by a red lamp on the card of man's sex tours, will find to please men and women. And not only the body, but also reason – for example, you can visit in Amsterdam unique theater of sex of "Casa Rosso".

Jamaica will please with comfort – the well-known hotels "Gedonizm-II" and "Gedonizm-III" positioning as the erotic centers here are located. Two thousand dollars in a week – and to you is available free love of non-stop: all go naked, in pools or on beaches orgies practically don't stop, join to which everyone can.

Bulgaria is famous not only for gold beaches, but also for beautiful and inexpensive, unlike Italians, men. It was estimated by mature Germans, yet American women prefer Italian men.

Gambia. According to the United Nations, from 60 % to 70 % of the European tourists, arrive to indulge here in love with natives. Only in this African country it is possible to see at every turn the elderly European woman in the company of the young athlete. Gambia is included into the list of 25 poorest countries of the world therefore often young men are involved in such service.

Sex tourism gained such popularity that emergence of the companies, professionally organizing similar tours, was predetermined.

This business really develops very not bad. So, for example, one of travel agencies especially for women offers permits in Egyptian sex – paradise (Egypt – the unique country where the law on man's prostitution doesn't exist): five-star hotel, everything is included, including the personal man accompanying the woman day and night. The young man gets out according to the catalog, the reservation is paid, and the lucky woman can pack a suitcase.

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