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Sex tourism. Sex tourism overall guide.

Hottest sex tourism locations 2014

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Season is up! Summer is coming and lots of people are considering tourism as a recreatin option. And some of them consider sex tourism. As always we support only legal sex tourism. And strongly suggest you to always keep yourself withing the law. As in many countries it may happen that you will need help of officials - and you will only be able to ask for i

Reasons of sex tourism

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There are many reasons of emergence and development of sex tourism as social phenomenon. One explanation connects distribution of this type of tourism with poverty. Poverty of the population in some countries stimulates emergence of sex - tourism. More often women in these countries are deprived of civil rights. Contrast between strict restrictions on prosti

Travel insurance

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How often are we going to have a rest abroad, preferring "not to think about the worst" and, accordingly, without having to buy insurance. Many of us still firmly belive that no matter what - we will get free medicine. In fact, the medical services abroad - is very expensive pleasure, and the danger of a "hook" some exotic infection

How to choose destination country

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There two main ways of sex tourism. One is - traveling and searching for sex with local girls without paying directly. In countries like Estonia, Latvia, Cuba, Brazil you can easily find women looking to have some fun with a man capable to buy drinks and arrange some entertainment. Sometimes Latvian and Estonian girls just looking for sex and consider touris

Overall hints

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Local laws. No matter where you go for sex tourism - study local laws and traditions. It is vital to know age of sexual consent and prostitution related laws. Currency. Be sure to always have some local currency with you. US dollars and euros are used mostly all around the world, but still in each city there are places there you will be asked to pay in loca

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