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Overall hints

  1. Local laws. No matter where you go for sex tourism - study local laws and traditions. It is vital to know age of sexual consent and prostitution related laws.
  2. Currency. Be sure to always have some local currency with you. US dollars and euros are used mostly all around the world, but still in each city there are places there you will be asked to pay in local cash.
  3. Language. You will need english most of the time. But it's highly recomended to learn some phrases on local language. For example: "No", "Yes", "Money", "Sex", "Police".
  4. Locations. Until you are experienced traveler - do not leave main streets. Sometimes safe and dangerous places are located pretty close. And what looks cheaper by prices - can get much more expansive then you will get robbed.
  5. Condoms. If we speak of sex tourism, most of the time your  partner is going to have lots of sex contacts. Meaning you never know if she is healthy or not. ALWAYS USE CONDOMS. In all baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) condoms are sold all around - so just don't forget to get some before going for sex.
  6. Hotels. Cheaper is often more expensive. If you have valuable things with you (camera, laptop etc.) - don't stay in cheap hotels -most of the time there will be high level of crimacy in sex tourism countries.
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