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Heads roll over Rail Link breakdown (Pattaya, Thailand)

Sometimes then I scroll local news I see something like:

"The military chairman and two military members of the board of the SRT Electrified Train Co (SRTET), which runs the Airport Rail Link, have been sacked and replaced."

And once again the text itself isn't that important. Neither it gives some actual information on Pattaya, Thailand inside life. But still - if you don't have better sources - even news like this are worth few seconds.

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Philippines hopes to lure more foreign divers
2016-04-11 00:05:49,

I have just read this news about Thailand. Not sure, but I think it may change some things around, here in Pattaya. Short quote:

"MANILA — With over a hundred identified diving spots across the Philippine archipelago rich in corals and marine species, the diving community in the Philippines and the government hope to tap a bigger share of the world's diving market."

I'm going to serf web for a little bit more - will write back here if I will find anything interesting. But not so happens around here in Pattaya, Thailand these days
Songkran sojourns
2016-04-08 00:11:29,

Sometimes then I scroll local news I see something like:

"Songkran Festival will be celebrated all over the country next week. Here's a quick rundown of the Songkran hotspots"

These things shouldn't be left unnoticed. If we will speak of them - living here, in Thailand may get better one day.

As always - your opinion is welcome.
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