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A forgotten gem (Pattaya, Thailand)

Here in Pattaya, Thailand I often here that happens something like:

"Though Rayong is transforming into an industrialised province, its old town remains charming with a nostalgic atmosphere."

These things shouldn't be left unnoticed. If we will speak of them - living here, in Thailand may get better one day.

As always - your opinion is welcome.

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Don Mueang check finds product prices still sky-high
2016-04-13 00:01:21,

Never you know what is important and what is not. may be you will find it neither interesting, neither important... But still I found that this one is worth few seconds of attention

"Food and beverages sold at Don Mueang airport remain overpriced, at 40% to 200% higher than standard prices, the Office of the Ombudsman revealed after a fresh round of inspections Tuesday."

But not just seeing this makes me think... But I just trying to understand how this one is just like most important what happend around? At least most noticable? Isn't there nothing more important around here in Thailand?
Heads roll over Rail Link breakdown
2016-04-12 00:08:16,

Sometimes then I scroll local news I see something like:

"The military chairman and two military members of the board of the SRT Electrified Train Co (SRTET), which runs the Airport Rail Link, have been sacked and replaced."

And once again the text itself isn't that important. Neither it gives some actual information on Pattaya, Thailand inside life. But still - if you don't have better sources - even news like this are worth few seconds.
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