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Sex tourism in Costa Rica

The global economic crisis has a rather peculiar influence on the tourism industry in Costa Rica. Together with falling for fifteen percent of the number of tourists in the country, it is observed boom in the field of sex - tourism. In the neighboring countries, the increase of the number of unemployed women is forcing them to migrate to Costa Rica to engage in prostitution there. This profession has been officially authorized by law, and the state supervise it since 1894.

Many travelers who visited Costa Rica, consider it as the most beautiful country in the world. Also it should be noted, what not without the bases. In this country there are endless mountain ranges, which are covered with "rain" and "cloud" forest reserves, national parks, exotic beaches, and roaring waterfalls. It is a paradise for tourists.

In the very popular "hot spots" such as the Hotel Casino Del Rey and Key Largo, along with local prostitutes also see women coming out of the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Russia.
Growth of a variety and number of women working here only confirms that fact that Costa Rica is considered by right the world center of prostitution.

In addition, the increase in the competition among prostitutes compels them to reduce considerably the prices at least by 40-50 percent.
It soon promoted fast increase in tourists of men who go to the country first of all in search of cheap sex. Mainly it is tourists from Canada and the USA. They leave considerable money in this country.

In spite of the fact that there is no official statistics, but judging by estimates of researchers, in the country now is from 10 thousand to 20 thousand workers of this industry, and also every year arrive to the country from 25 thousand to 50 thousand tourists. About eighty percent of tourists are citizens of the USA.

Since 1997 in Costa Rica there began the work fund, under the name Rahab – the non-governmental organization which is engaged in "re-education" of representatives of this profession. But they assisted only 500 women, they managed to give up this occupation, and found to itself other work.

For other women, prostitution – the only method of a survival available to them, a way to help the family to be well off, after all conditions of a heavy economic situation in the region forces them to be engaged in such profession.

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