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Hottest sex tourism locations 2014

Season is up! Summer is coming and lots of people are considering tourism as a recreatin option. And some of them consider sex tourism.
As always we support only legal sex tourism. And strongly suggest you to always keep yourself withing the law. As in many countries it may happen that you will need help of officials - and you will only be able to ask for it if you act within the law.
But let's race through the list.

Thailand - it has always been and it's going to be. A great place to start. Eastern girls are very smiling, easy and willing. Even within the legal communications. Just don't get in love! Yea, they are that good.
Baltic states - Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania - girls are so lovely and are easy in contact with tourists. It is not so cheap and it is not so easy to impress a girl there. But they are worth a try. Be carefull it is european country and you better act within law.
Costa Rica - small paradise, night clubs, bars. Beach and girls.

And we have some new trends this year. More tourists considering Russia and Ukraina for tourism. It is not always easy to get there but these countries have their special taste! But for all reasons avoid small cities. In fact - don't leave main cities. It is not safe to just travel here and there in these countries.

Let the summer begin. Travel. Have fun. Have sex. Be safe.

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