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Sex tourism in the Philippines development

The Philippines has long been considered one of the most important destinations for sex tourism around the world. Many men – Europeans come here in search of the sex, crazy fun and bright emotions. Sex tourism in this Asian country is developing rapidly, in spite of strict laws Philippines, which prohibits sex for money and severely persecuted him.

Prostitution prospered in this country during the Americans governing. Woman from Philippines served American soldiers who were stationed on military bases Philippines.

Today, prostitution is involved more people than work, for example, in the industrial sector. The aggregate annual income from prostitution is two-three million dollars.

The Philippines can safely apply after Thailand and Cuba on the third place in the list of the most popular sex tourism. This area is booming and it seems that the country is ready to repeat the “Thai example”, attracting millions of tourists a cheap sex. And now, according to independent sources, in this work involved half a million women, not counting men.  According to experts, the industry of sex tourism in the Philippines, employing more people than in industry. For the majority of Filipino women is the only way to earn money, and may be try to find a husband, and accordingly the work they perform with great zeal.

In Europe, widely advertised sex tours to the Philippines, and the demand for them grows every day.

According to representatives of western travel agencies in the Philippines, sex tourists are increasingly attracted by the “price-quality” of such services. Suffice it to say that, until recently, a night of love is worth the purchase within 25 U.S. dollars. And we cannot exclude the possibility that sooner or later, the Philippines will be able to push aside other rivals.

And is not considered a major hotbed of Manila, Philippines debauchery, and City of Angels (Angeles City), located near the capital. In fact, this whole town, whose industry in some way dependent on the provision of various and cheap sex services. Apart from ordinary brothel, there are always more than 50 specialized bars with distinctive names such as “House of Flame”, “My fairy”, etc, designed primarily to foreign tourists.

Much of the tourism of the country in one way or another connected with prostitution, including many of the seemingly respectable from of hotels, which include their services call girls in the room. There is a very lazy special travel agency called casas, supplying women, formally non-priestesses.

The most popular city to start sex tour is City of Angels, which is located not far from the capital of the Philippines. There are more than reasonable prices, so in order to save many come here.

Thus, in the city of Angels runs an army of prostitutes, and each of them for 18-25 dollars will provide the most extreme and fantastic sex.

Girls – Filipino mostly pretty and give this heat in the hope of getting the client in their fight – boyfriend.

Get a girl at night can be in a bar, night club or casino, where the price paid for a prostitute, you can take her to the desire time.

In Manila the same way you paid to the bar, and get any lady on the night.

The Philippines is also very well developed male prostitution, sex and similar services are available as well at the bar, nightclubs, casino, or brothels, which are here very much.

Sex services in the Philippines are nodiverse, with quite a little money; you can get any kind of sex.

It should follow a few simple rules to not get in trouble. You should not drink any- or drink from the hands of a prostitute in the controversial parts, as in the drink may be clonidine or what – something even worse in the morning and the client can detect the loss of wallet and documents, or found in the bed 12 year old prostitute and be subject to blackmail, as the Philippines, sex with minors prosecuted very severely. In addition, sex with a prostitute must necessarily be protected; otherwise you can become the owner of any disease.

Remembering all this, you protect yourself from the hassles and get great sex and a pleasant time.

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