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How different country's men behave in sex

My lover is foreigner! Today this phrase doesn't sound any more exotically. Our women who didn't manage to find neither love, nor high-quality sex with the local guy, even more often turn the look on men of other states, considering that there sex will be fabulous. Whether so it? How representatives of the different countries suits for a role of the hero lover behave in a bed? Now I will tell you.

Germans is not our case. About they speak so: «You want to know, how German in a bed, watch the bad German pornofilm». Constraining and reserved in emotions – a tender word from them you will not hear – in a bed they for some reason consider themselves as cool cowboys to which needs to train a restive mare. They are not interesting, what wished the woman, they always the main. However, and it is quite good, exist any women that accept such sex, but Germans can here disappoint the women – if the relations are constant, already on 3-4 times they lose all the fighting heat and make love, as though do a favor.

Perhaps descendants of Vikings, Scandinavians, will give us bright emotions? It appears, and here not so good, and it at such external eagerness to fight. Firstly, they do the first step in the extremely exceptional cases therefore if the question raised an edge, it is necessary to operate quickly and to be persevering. Secondly, be ready to play the first violin, in a bed they are cold. Scandinavians always hurry up, don't wait a long sex. And whether there are pluses? Yes, if sex for you isn't important. Because the ideal of the Scandinavian, in many respects coincides with ideal representation of our woman – on the street a rain and you sit in the big house at a fireplace, drink tea and hold by a hand of darling. If you belong to this type of women, turn the looks on the northern countries.

Englishmen, according to our women opinion, are too strict and all aspire to reduce everything to a certain order. Sex, for example, happens on Tuesdays and Fridays from eight to ten. Still our ladies are worried about their certain dispassionateness, unclear about he thinks during sex about the woman or exchange news? And it is boring, there is no fire, emotions, passions. However, they are very attentive, quickly remember your favorite poses and are ready to do everything that you will tell.

Therefore it is not necessary to hide anything, tell him about your desires and ideas, they are quite good quick witted guys, let and with the strangenesses.


There is, however, one more but by which we determined Englishmen in group of anti-lovers for them wishes to make love, where can participate more than two persons. And can be so: two girls and one man, and on the contrary, he can invite easily the friend in a bed. And it well is unacceptable for 99 present of our women.

For a long time for everything the increased sexuality of the southern people is known. This constant bent to sex, for example the Georgian, is reflected in hundred jokes. It is considered also that Italians – the best lovers, and at Blacks with "it" everything is much better, than at the hottest representatives of white race. Whether so it actually? Whether sexual abilities and racial accessory are connected? Serious scientific researches show, which in this area much more steady myths, than the truth.

Myth. Black men are more generously gifted by man's advantage in comparison with the white men.

Reality. Actually all is far not so unequivocally. Though in a quiet, unexcited condition in the majority at representatives of black race really concerning genitals some advantage is observed, but it almost disappears in wild spirits. And here that Africans are more active in sex, than other races and nationalities, just has under itself scientifically confirmed basis. Sex among the people of Africa is more naturalistic, at inhabitants of this continent much less than psychological barriers in realization of sexual requirements. They aren't held down by every possible ethical barrier unlike us, therefore sex with them more interesting and, maybe, even to some extent educational.

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