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How different country's women behave in sex

Today East women, namely Thai women are considered as etalon of feminity and sexuality. They are those women who are a good judge of carnal love. They possess special plasticity of a body. Some men give them championship and in distinguished-looking. So consider the majority of Europeans and Americans and right there declare that Slavs the most beautiful and even marry them.

East women are small, pretty, and similar at each other, they are smiling and friendly.

East women look at the man, how on an idol. No matter, there will be he the drunken visitor of restaurant, the client of a brothel, the buyer, the loader, the millionaire or darling. He is a man and even then when it isn't right.

The majority of the Russian women during sex try to cause a stir such actions as: to scratch, to shout, in the best case to indulge with oral petting and anal sex. East women gift love even if after sex the man intends to pay her service. The majority of them kiss all the body, and in peak of the pleasure the man feels woman, who reacts and responds to the slightest movement of a phallus. By the way, on the East the unskillful women in love call «soft dough» or «worn-out shoe».

The results received during poll, carried out worldwide among clients of the company on production of condoms of Durex testifies that Italians are most inventive in a bed, Americans got used oral sex, and Russians "are generous" in a bed. It is obvious; therefore they are unfaithful to their husbands.

It became clear that the glory of Frenchmen as "experts in seduction", to put it mildly, is a little exaggerated, and Japanese pairs least indulge in sexual imaginations.

Only 4 % of the Brazilian women declared that make love every day, while Americans more often than earlier, are engaged in oral sex. Italians more than others like to experiment new positions, and it are bothered quickly by habitual ways of occupation with love.

The British women, in the general opinion, a thicket like to use handcuffs, ropes and switches, and also to put on especially juicy linen for sex, reports Delfi.

The Russian women consider as the most generous in a bed. Thus 60 % from them agreed that were incorrect to the husbands more than once. Durex, however, focuses attention that poll data not necessarily completely coincide with real life.

East woman tries to please the man and into the  bed. They passionate, but thus not aggressive, gentle, but not cold, in love affairs they are skillful and inventive.

In them there is no sharpness which sometimes frightens off men from the European women, they don't aspire to dominate neither in the relations, nor in a family, their power soft, bewitching.

Certainly, to the women who have been educated in other conditions, it is difficult to change the behavior but if you want the power over man's hearts, use secrets of East beauties. With strong women struggle and argue, and weak carry on hands. If you want, that to you listened, speak seldom and silently. Be always beautiful and a little timid. Such kind of women the man involuntarily wants to protect.

The Russian women of 21 eyelids try to learn to receive a vaginal orgasm, to train certain muscles with the purpose, at last, to see happy the man. The European women convince the man's population that it is unpleasant to them to drink coffee for which the boyfriend will pay. Nigerian women, in attempt to survive, come to Europe and are engaged in prostitution. But any woman trusts her in it or not, wants to present all the love to that unique man who would personify for her the father, the husband and the child, in a set. Unconsciously, even since existence of tribes, the female genetics demands self-realization in love to the man and the child, and man's – in hunting for an animal and bringing in a family.

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