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Hotels and bungalow of Thailand

If you decided to go to Thailand, then we recommend choosing hotel not by quantity of stars but according to the list of services.

It is necessary to tell that hotels in Thailand rather inexpensive, at the same time their level are quite good. In Thailand there is no official classification of hotels and such concept as "All inclusive" not so widespread.

Three stars hotels are located closer to the center of the city. As a rule, on the territory of such hotels there are pool and restaurant. Any accommodations have conditioner, phone, minibar, TV.

The most high quality Thai hotels are comparable with European Five stars hotels. But cost of accommodations at them is lower, that in Europe.

Very often, the breakfast enters into a room rate. The dinner can be ordered for an additional payment. But it is better to visit restaurant or cafe in the city, so you can walk in the city and your dinner will cost cheaper, than in the hotel.

The size of tips in Thailand is not fixed. Cleaning of numbers, as a rule, occurs every day. And, there is such feature, if in the morning, before living, you leave tips on a table, most likely, that in the evening you will find money on the same place.

However, if you leave money on the beds or on the pillow, the cleaner for certain will take them. In day of departure you must be very attentive. If you didn’t use drink from minibar, all bottles and boxes with water and alcohol drinks should be closed. Otherwise, even if you used nothing, you will pay on a full tariff.


In hotels of Thailand theft cases meet very seldom. From a view of safety all personal expensive things it is better to leave them in the safe on a reception: documents, money and other valuable things.


There are a lot of hostels in Thailand. All of them differ by comfortableness, service, and price. Therefore you can always find to yourselves suitable option. Sometimes service in guesthouses or hostels reaches level of three stars hotels.

In the hostels it is possible to use free Wi-Fi, towels and hygienic means, DVD players more expensively. A free breakfast, to be exact - included in lodging for the night cost.

No wonder that in such resort country, as Thailand, a huge choice of various country houses, villas and lodges under rent. You will surely find housing to liking and to a pocket.

It is logical that the price of the house will depend on term of rent, the area, conveniences, a place of placement and a heap of other circumstances.

Houses and country houses can directly settle down on the coast or in deafer places. On the territory of country houses almost always there are a pool, places for a barbecue and other rest.

If you have a possibility to rent the apartment directly at the owner, it is not necessary to neglect it, after all at rent through the intermediary or the agent you overpay very much.

Apartments in Thailand are various both on situation and comfort level, and at the price.

Renting the apartment for a month, you should pay the so-called deposit at a rate of monthly rent. If you break nothing and don't do damage to the apartment, it will returned to you at eviction. At rent for smaller term the size of the deposit makes a reservation innodividually.

If you want to live directly on a beach, accommodation at a bungalow will be ideal option for you. In their Thailand there is a lot of, especially on islands Samui, Phuket.

In a bungalow there is all most that is necessary for normal life: conditioner, shower, TV, hair dryer, bed. On the territory of hotels which provide a bungalow, it is possible to use restaurant, cafe, a bar, the Internet.

Depending on hotel level to you can offer Thai massage, a Spa procedure. For children children's pools and other entertainments are equipped.

If to you promised free using chaise lounges and umbrellas, know - to assort them it is necessary as soon as possible in the morning, and that on all won't suffice.

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