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Medical tourism in Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket, Samui

The medicine of Thailand is widely known. Treatment and rehabilitation in the majority of hospitals of Thailand is carried out in resort conditions. In Thailand there are a lot of private hospitals, corresponding to the strictest standards. The international hospital Bumrungrad and the International Medical center of Bangkok offer full range of services of the highest class to the patients.

In Thailand the system of medical education is based on the American model. The majority of doctors trained in the USA and the European Union. The younger medical personnel possess professional knowledge. The majority of hospitals have the multilingual personnel which with understanding treats cultural and religious distinctions of patients in behavior and even a diet.

In Thailand the patient can receive any treatment, from organ transplantation to cosmetic surgery – all this for a reasonable price.

Overall performance of the medical centers, care and attention from the personnel annually give here hundred thousand patients from Europe and America.

Medical tourism in Thailand is a quickly growing segment of travel business and national health system. The medical infrastructure of the country was created taking into account requirements of the industry of medical tourism. The majority of Thai doctors got education and practiced in the USA and Europe. Local clinics are equipped conform to the latest medical technology. Application of modern management of health care and IT technologies allows effectively and qualitatively to carry out diagnostics and treatment according to the international standards. The large quantity of the qualified service personnel in clinics guarantees complex service and individual care.

The modern design, comfort and the special hospitable atmosphere of Thailand clinics is included also into a number of the factors influencing on a choice of tourists. Besides, cost of medical services in Thai clinics in 7-9 times is lower than cost of similar types of treatment in the USA and Germany, with same high quality.

The medical centers and clinics of Thailand provide a wide range of medical services – from difficult cardiac operations and organ transplantation to treatment at the stomatology. Plastic surgeries, laser correction of sight, artificial insemination, treatment of alcoholic and narcotic dependences are carried out at high level, yield good results and are demanded by patients from many countries.

Today more than 30 Thai private clinics render medical services of the international level and accept patients from the neighboring Asian countries, Japan, Australia, the USA and Europe.

Remember, we urgently recommend buying a good insurance, for the period of your rest treatment in Thailand can cost about -5 thousands.

Clinics of Thailand note for high quality of provided services, the low prices, and the hospitable personnel who know English.

Quality of medical care on Samui is very high, and by number of provided services it concedes in Thailand only to Bangkok and Phuket. Thus, the prices for many procedures, including coronary shunting and stomatology, lower than in Bangkok.

Samui isn't among the main centers of medical tourism in Thailand, but its clinics are always open for foreign guests. Tourists, as well as inhabitants of the island, can count at any time on timely and high-quality medical care.

The majority of the accredited doctors and nurses in private clinics of Samui speak English, and some even know German and French. Many experts working at the island, passed training at the western colleagues that considerably increased quality of rendered services. However, for full confidence of professionalism of the doctor, we advise to address in the clinics working mainly with tourists.

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