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Erotic and sex massage in Thailand

The general massage is an excellent preventive means of organism’s improvement.  It is based on the classical European school of the massage which has passed centuries-old check by time and is used in all leaders’ medical centers of Europe, Russia and US.

In the world there are many different types of massage. Sometimes for one type of massage are used different terms. For example: Swedish and classical is one type of massage, only foreigners tell "Swedish", but we speak "classical".

Practically any kind of massage we can determine as medical, and between preventive and hygienic massage there are rather theoretical, than practical distinctions. Any kind of massage influences on various systems and body parts. Common classification of massage doesn’t exist.

Erotic massage appears on the East practically at the same time, as usual massage. At that time people perfectly knew that impact on certain points of a body can be not only useful, but also very pleasant.

From time immemorial erotics was the integral component of traditional cultures of the East. In the modern world the greatest glory of the center of sexual entertainments was got by Thailand.

To be in Thailand and not to take pleasure from Thai massage? It is nonsense.

Thai massage is actually a part of the religious, philosophical and medical doctrines which have come from depth of the millennia.

Massage use together with prayers and physical exercises pursued the aim to reach purification of organism and harmonization of internal energy. Final removal of massage from religious practice and its transformation to an independent method of treatment occurred only in the second half of the first millennium of our era.

Thai massage is most known to Europeans and is perceived simply as sexual service. Now to find the professional doctor-masseur in Thailand it is even more difficult, than in Europe. As known classics spoke, demand for Thai massage gives rise to the offer.

Now in Thailand are engaged in massage just about everyone. In the cheapest salon the masseur will stroke one part of client’s body and will receive for it some dollars. But Thai massage is other kind of services and to this type of service has no any relation.

The girls working in massage salons train since childhood.

Depending on what prefer the client: a pleasant relaxation or massage as parts of sexual game, she chooses methods of massage.

They try to rejoice to any client as if it the last client in their life.

The methods of Thai massage are borrowed from China and India. The main objective of massage is based on mystical ideas of a soul and body structure and circulating in it of "vital energy". Massage is urged to liquidate developments of stagnation on a way of its following.

Massage includes few steps, and first step is preparation. In salon the client relaxes, looking at the dancing girls, among fragrant. Aromas in salon not so simply as you think. For example, aroma of a jasmine allows adapting for an unfamiliar and unusual situation and place, and aroma of a sandal tree is used as a sexual stimulator already three thousand years. Aroma of a cedar - not only a stimulator of the sexual sphere; it expels insects from a room. Then the client appears in embraces of one or several masseurs.

During peak of a tourist season and, therefore, the period of the increased demand for Thai massage is from November to March. Each masseur on the average serves about two-three clients per day. The rest of the free time of year they for weeks stay in bars in vain expectation of the work.

The true sizes of the income from Thai massage and accompanying services, certainly, carefully hiding, but very approximate calculation allows defining an order of the sums. The "massage" price according to the full program amount about 35-50 dollars depending on seasonal demand and institution level.

Tourism in Thailand is always fascinating, attracting the tourists, wishing to receive unearthly bliss.

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