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Thailand sex hints

Those who have never been in Thailand will never be able to understand that this country is very different from Egypt or Turkey, simply because everything is different. No secret that in Thailand it is best to rest in a man's company, Thailand as a center of sex, just something that is not enough for many men to relax and gain strength for further hard working. And ofcourse, Thai is one of the best countries for sex tourism.


Pattayya most depraved place throughout Thailand, where you can easily, without owning a foreign language, find a Thai girl, and even to live with her all the time you are on holiday, you are required only to feed her well, and sometimes give her some "trinkets." It doesn't take a lot of money, because the food is not expensive, you can find it at every step, You can eat for 100 baht. And she will never refuse sex.


All is very simple, you should go out and at first you feel that you are in "paradise". A lot of girls will surround you with their attention, you need only pay attention to the Adam's apple, is it or not, as many man change sex in Thailand. There are several grounds on which you can determine if it's aman or a girl in front of you. First, perhaps most important, his Adam's apple, girls don't have an Adam's apple. Second -  Thai girls are shorter than trances, if you see high beauty girl - then know that she has a surprise between her legs. THIRD - size of feet, it is less in women than in men, it will be enough to allow you get through the first or the second day of the rest. Later you will almost certainly learn to see the difference between trance and a girl. You can ask her "Are you lady boy?" and make a menacing look, as many of the "beauty with a surprise under her skirt" did not say they are trances, and then they simply will have no choice but to tell the truth, or who would like to receive kicks ass, after the secret was apparent as early as you get to the hotel.


If you went to Pattaya with a wife or a girlfriend, and you really want to try the exotic sex, do not despair, in Pattaya at almost every step possible to rent a room for an hour or two if you wish. Costs 100 Baht per hour. And you can tell your wife that you went to explore, where you can book a tour, where the cheapest fruit, which can be a tasty meal, and everything in this spirit, and leave it to watch TV in the room, promising to return in like 2-3 hours. You'll get a girl for sex in like a 15 minutes and there will be plenty of time forfun.

There is quite lot to know about Pattaya and Thaland - check through other articles.

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