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Dominican Republic tourism risks

Everyone knows the wonderful resort under the name of the sweet Dominican Republic. Some consider it a sex tourism resort. And about the fact that the Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic is divided into unequal parts of a single island, it is known only to the elite. And the island is even more famous. The island of Haiti, known by Gennady Khazanov and his incorruptible character - a parrot Kesha. You've never been to Haiti? So, going to the Dominican Republic, we go for a dream. And some will go for a dream of sex tourism.

Now, about that, why should we think about the plan vacation in the Dominican Republic. And especially if you are considering sex tourism as one of benefits. Advertise with travel companies describes a paradise on earth, forgetting to warn that he may suddenly shut down. The whole group of the Antilles, and among them, and Haiti, located at the junction of two tectonic plates. Interact with each other Caribbean and North American plate. A zone of such interactions are always accompanied by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The proof is the recent devastating aftershocks from the Earth that occurred in 2009. Going on tour, people should be aware of the potential seismic activity in the area.

An interesting feature of the Dominican resorts is that the coastline is not fully built up. All hotels are located at some distance from the coast the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Can this be considered an all-out strip of beaches, discos and bars. And you might think, why not build hotels at the shore, as in Turkey or Egypt, the first line. One explanation - the coastline is strongly subjected to the action of the northern trade winds, the main wind these latitudes. And sometimes he is gaining strength squalls and hurricanes.

Velvet water surrounding waters attract not only tourists and cute coral fish. In these waters, a myriad of real predators - tiger sharks and killer whales, but they are nice little fish can not eat. A fun American golden youth, fans of the local resorts, shark feeding from the hands, taught them to look for food close to shore. Be carefull if you will decide to have sex in a water.

The vast graveyard of sunken ships from the 16th century, attracts divers adventurers of all stripes. So going on a fishing or diving in the open sea, better check with the hotel owner's reputation snow-yachts.

The Dominican Republic is really beautiful and luxurious, it is a good vacation. You just have to be prepared and avoid potential trouble. And never forget - sex tourism must be safe - no matter if your are taking your women with you or going to find a local girl for sex.

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