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Pattaya - Thai sex tourism resort for several decades now the capital of the sex tourism resorts in Asia. Here you will be able to get a lot of unforgettable sex experiences. Sex tours, participation in the enchanting nightlife, lots of interesting places - it's part of what awaits sex tourists of the resort. Pattaya night like a carnival in Rio de Janeiro, noisy discos in Pattaya are open till the morning, Walking Street beckons lovers of spicy sex adventures.

For those who prefer a quiet sex tourism holiday, there will be fun to taste. Jomtien Beach is the cozy, it is located away from the hustle and bustle. Is there a better place for a sex with your beloved one? In Pattaya tours are so diverse, that all the interesting places to visit may not have enough vacation. Photos imported from Pattaya will be the subject of admiration of others.


Pattaya hotels offer a decent comfort. Prized hotels, located on the outskirts of the resort, away from city noise. Hotel facilities include a lot of services and entertainment. Golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, bowling and billiards. And good hotel is quite important for sex tourism!


Held in Pattaya, Thailand tour is different, and all the really interesting. Nong Nooch Garden Park includes orchids, butterfly garden and stunning cacti, palm contains a collection of 110 species. Elephant show at the elephant farm will give guests a lot of fun. Clumsy-looking animals are able to draw, ride a bike, massage, and much more.
At the crocodile farm, the attention of the audience offered a show of crocodiles. Food lovers can taste crocodile meat. Reptiles well-behaved, and sitting on their back can be photographed.


The night in Pattaya - a fireworks entertainment. Almost all the clubs in Pattaya allow us to find a sex companion for the night. In go-go girl clubs arrange dance performances. Once they go down the hall, where you can easily get acquainted with them and invite almost any of them for sex.


Specialists in massage parlors resort can work wonders. Relieve fatigue and stimulate the latent energy. From the cabin you will leave renewed, fresh and ready for new achievements. And some of them can offer extra services for you - the dream of sex tourism.


Those who want to look at the world famous Thai transvestites should visit the "Alcazar Show". This show, glorified Thailand, fascinating enchanting costumes, special effects and extraordinary beauty of the actresses. Competition "Alcazar" is a show Tiffany. Yet not recommended to search for sex partner there!


Thailand is the world center of the exotic, and Pattaya - Thailand's exotic center. And number one sex tourism resort.

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