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Thailand. Review of popular resorts.

Thailand - a popular place for tourists. The country has several well-known resorts such as Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, and capital - the city of Bangkok. Each surprise its own characteristics, but they are united exotic nature, kind, gentle waters of the sea, amazing fruit. Experience that takes away from themselves, any guest - a joyous and memorable for a lifetime. Any of those resorts can be a place for sex tourism.


Bangkok - The capital of Thailand, is the residence of the royal family. Krung Tap or "City of Angels" - the eastern part of it. Here you can see the monuments of ancient architecture, the temple buildings, the royal palace. The modern part of Bangkok to meet the huge entertainment centers, shopping for every taste, luxury hotels, excellent restaurants. Bangkok is widely known for rugged, night life. Bars, nightclubs and other entertainment facilities are open to visitors. National dishes, Thai massage, as well as dancing - all waiting for travelers. And as in any capital in Bangkok there are lots of beautifull thai girls and women seeking for sex. Great infrastructure. So if you are in Thailand for the first time as a sex tourist - it is always safer to choose capital.


Samui Island - is one of the most prestigious resorts in the world. On the island there are rivers, high mountains, jungle and coconut plantations. The clean, tropical beaches with white sand will please. Secluded place, untouched by civilization - a beach Bor Phud, Mas us, Bang Por. And of course - Big Buddha Beach. And sex on the beach with beautifull thai girl - what could be better in sex tourism?


Pattaya - an ancient city, located on the Gulf of Siam. Here rest the most ardent supporters of party-goers and club scene, the lovers drive. Here they are at all necessary - clubs, shows, restaurants, supermarkets set, all kinds of tours and other entertainment. Pattaya is one of the most known Thailand resorts and the most known sex tourism resort.


Phuket - the second largest island in Thailand in size and popularity. It is separated from the capital city only by an one hour flight. He is rightly called the "Pearl of the Andaman Sea." Most of all, this island is suitable for recreation for people who prefer outdoor activities and scuba diving. Andaman coast is popular caves, underwater scenery, coral reefs. Here lovers of thrills go water skiing, jet ski, and will be engaged in any other water sports. May a place to visit for sex tourism if you have alreadu been in Pattaya and searching for something new.

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