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Thailand cuisine guide

Planning a trip to Thailand, be sure to check with the unique Thai cuisine which combines Indian and Chinese dishes seasoned with ancient Thai traditions in cooking. Like other Asian countries, Thailand and its people believe that the basis of national food is rice, while in every region of the country's popular cereal varieties differ. Thus, residents in Southern Thailand is prepared as a garnish only dlinozerny rice and living in the northern regions of the Thais prefer glutinous rice cooked and thick grain.


Learning than Thailand and its people are treated guests at the tables Thai you will see virtually no meat - it is quite expensive, and its lack of inhabitants of the ancient Siam to more than compensate for the use of very fragrant spices. Due to the unique spices, many of which are delivered in Thailand directly from India, even a simple and inexpensive vegetable dish becomes fragrant, hearty and tasty.


Arriving in Thailand, and visiting the most popular local restaurants, you almost do not see the familiar in the Western world, cutlery - the Thais often used in food consumption wooden sticks and knives and forks and spoons are found only in European cuisine restaurants designed for tourists. Thailand now absorbs some of the Western tradition, so some traditional Thai dishes, known since antiquity, have undergone little change in strength significant influence of European cuisine.


But Thai cuisine still managed to maintain their identity, leaving the foundations of cooking exactly the same as centuries ago. The main feature of Thai cuisine - using the grill for cooking various dishes, and the food is often prepared on the wood. Grilled, fried seafood including, are fragrant, absolutely harmless to the body, so the Thais know how to stay healthy into old age.


One of the major national Thai dishes - soup, freshly cooked on coconut milk, and liquid dish adds a lot of various spices. Thai cuisine uses spices in a variety of unique herbs that have healing properties. A special Thai cuisine makes the spread of Buddhism - the religion, not prescriptive, almost believing restriction of food, unique microclimate, through which residents of Thailand removed several harvests per year.

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