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Thailand - opinion of visitor

A unique gem of Southeast Asia can rightfully be called Thailand. Thai hospitality attracts a hundred thousand tourists wishing to rest in Asia and sex tourists among them.

If you would like to go to Asia or you love the exotic, try Thailand. You will be unpleasant to see other tourists (then there are many of them), but it is Thailand - you can hide from them. Thailand has a lot of small islands.

Those who come to Thailand may like to walk on the very terrain, and sit at a white tablecloth restaurant. And cuty thai girls around will make your vacation even more pleasant. Even if you are not sex tourist.

The Thailand's beaches of white sand are like a postcard sketched. You will like these beaches, you will like to swim on top of the lovers and divers.


Tours are conducted in the city of Chiang Mai, breathing the cool forest and low hills.

The highlight of your program in Thailand can be a Thai food. At some point you might want to try it, in some - smell, and the rest - just watch.


The strongest impression among tourists often remains the memory of the wonderful hospitality of the Thailand locals. So use them until they change their minds. And if you came without your sex partner... May be one of thai girls will take that place and make your vacation a real sex tourism paradise.

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