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Latvia, the official name - Republic of Latvia - Baltic state in Northern Europe with a population of 2,236,910 people (2011), the capital city - Riga (703 581 persons, 2011). In Latvia, there are 1,282,034 women.


Most of its history Latvia was subordinated to other countries. This is reflected in the mentality of the population. For the most part calm, do not like to fight. Prefer to negotiate and seek kopromis. Latvian girls are outgoing and pretty easy to agree to sex. What's good for sex tourism. Since you have to spend less time to switch from booze and talk directly about sex.


Latvian temperate climate and balanced geological conditions to protect the territory from hazards, and a limited number of minerals - by intense contamination with different waste mining industry.


Latvia's economy suffered greatly during the crisis of the 2009th year. In the country, unemployment and many people are very poor. It promotes sex tourism.


Sex tours (especially stag party) to Latvia are very popular. Even if you are not planing marriage - you can still go for party.

Major latvian cities - Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Jelgava, Jurmala.
Riga - the capital and the best choice for a first visit for sex tourism.

Jurmala - a resort town and is also well suited for a first visit, if you come in summer.

In other cities the standard of living is lower. Which is good for sex tourism. But a very large percentage of girls do not know English. Service (hotels, restaurants, bars) is significantly lower. Thus, only recommended for experienced travelers.

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