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Traveling to the Dominican Republic

Currently, Dominican Republic is one of the most popular destinations.

Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Samana, La Romana - not a complete list of the top resorts in the Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic are the main attractions. Most hotels operate on all-inclusive.


Beautiful half-naked girls are all around - just in spirit of Caribbean. Dominican Republic is known to be one of sex tourism resorts for a reason.

Seaside resorts welcome visitors beautiful white beaches, luxury hotels and exotic nature. It seems that a peace reigns around. In the capital, you can visit the house of Columbus, see the hourglass, to visit the Tower of Celebration, and the fortress of Osama.

There is widespread U.S. dollar. A local currency can be exchanged at the airport, commercial banks and large hotels. In the streets to change the currency is strictly prohibited. The official language of the country is Spanish.

The kitchen in the Dominican Republic is different from other Latin American countries. Dominicans have a truly unique way of cooking. Throughout the history of the republic was subjected to the influence of Spain and France. To this add on Aboriginal food and the result was extraordinary, delicious. It must be noted that all the dishes are very good for your health, and prepare them exclusively from natural ingredients. Mainly used for cooking beans and vegetables. Garnish consists mainly of rice, red beans, cassava, various salads and mashed banana forest. For everyday meals can be attributed Dominican stew, which is prepared from meat, rice, beans, salad and fried bananas, soup, prepared with meat, rice and vegetables. Very popular in the Republic of pork. It is fried, make stews, baked. To fish the Dominicans are cool, but try the fish, fried in coconut chips, it is worth. Dessert usually consists of tropical fruits. Suffice famous Dominican rum, which is prepared with the help of all kinds of cocktails. Rum is the national drink of the Dominican Republic. Another unusual local drink - "SIP." This is a product of fermentation of a local plant. Coffee crazy popular and cook just about anywhere. 

We recommend to visit the small town of Rio San Juan. From this town on a motor boat can sail into the lagoon side of Gris-Gris, which is famous for cave swallows. In the Party of Cana is a wonderful park, which is a show of sea lions and parrots. In this park there is a unique nature reserve in the world of dolphins. Sex in a small city is a worth piece of fun a tourist.

For those looking for paradise, can find it by visiting the island of Cayo Levantado. It is impossible to imagine the thousands of coconut palms that randomly run down the slopes of the mountains to the sea. This miracle is in the Bay of Samana. Snow, white as snow, pure water, what else you can think of to engage in scuba diving. Or may be find a quite place for sex with a local woman.

If the soul is required of adventure, you will need to make a river rafting Jaco Del Norte. It starts everything seems calm and quiet can be trained to maneuver, then to honorably meet the rapid fusion. Quickly make for an unforgettable ride through the canyons.

Walk on a catamaran is sure to impress the most discerning travelers. Only here you can see colorful fish the Caribbean Sea, the beauty of coral reefs. You will be able to swim in the open sea.

How to see the coral gardens in all their beauty, coral reefs and the beauty of the underwater landscape? This is possible if diving in the Caribbean. Christopher Columbus discovered the island back in 1492 and named it La Ispanela. Few people know that just open the caves on the island there are more than sixty thousand. Many of the caves are filled with water and have not been investigated so far. To visit Haiti and to descend into the cave - you can not miss this opportunity.

In the Dominican Republic a myriad of souvenir shops. Local rukodelniki offer products from mahogany, amber, bone, Larimar. Widely sold drink "Mama Juana", which is made of rum, wine with honey and roots. Forgot to say about coffee - coffee everywhere - flavorful, unique and very tasty.

Note that the vaccinations to visit the Dominican Republic, do not need it. Better bring your usual kit that will save you when you change power. Tap water, as indeed, in our country, drinking is not recommended. With public transport at the same problem. In areas of leisure travelers, he is practically absent. The local population is very old vehicles and traffic rules are almost no non-compliance. There is a taxi service for tourists and they look passable. Rail transport in the country either.

There are restrictions for tourists. It is strictly forbidden to export local currency. Do not take pictures of military, industrial enterprises, military equipment. When disobedience can be a serious problem.

Despite all of the above - Holidays in the Dominican Republic remains the most affordable in the Caribbean. This is paradise on earth.

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