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Travel insurance

How often are we going to have a rest abroad, preferring "not to think about the worst" and, accordingly, without having to buy insurance. Many of us still firmly belive that no matter what - we will get free medicine. In fact, the medical services abroad - is very expensive pleasure, and the danger of a "hook" some exotic infection - is high enough. And if you are after sex tourism - your risks are even wider...

You should not be deluded into thinking that all possible problems during your trip will be to decide the tour operator. This is not so: it just helps in organizing the trip and talks about safety precautions, but not responsible for your safety. Therefore, asking about the potential risks and common infectious diseases that await during the trip - is for your advantage. You should be aware of possible simptoms and actions to be taken.

The minimum insurance amount may vary depend on the country visited, but it is much safer to purchase insurance with extended coverage. Minimum insurance may simply not be enough for the necessary treatment, it gives the right only to the first aid necessary. As a rule, medical treatment for tourists is provided by private clinics, and may lead to quite a sum. Plus, any tourist in the event of severe disease may need repatriation with the use of specialized vehicles. Without an insurance policy it will be an extremely costy task.

Resting in the Schengen countries, you can limit an insurance by 30 000 euros. But if you choose to visit more exotic country - a large sum to be considered. The risks of various infections are too great, in addition, our immune system can "fail" when confronted with unfamiliar bacteria and the new environment.

Meanwhile, the world's cases of cholera, plague, yellow fever is still not uncommon. Plus, influenza, measles, and various types of worms. Every year, thousands of cases registered and we suggest to tourists to get vaccinated before traveling.

Besides, you can protect yourself from an accident. And, if the policy covers medical expenses for medical services, such insurance provides compensation and even after returning home. This compensation can be very important in case of, for example, serious injury or fracture. After all, who knows when the victim will be able to get back to work?

So today, when the insurance possibilities are wide enough, each person must think about their safety and insurance, securing thereby a quiet, meaningful, and most importantly - safe holiday. And we are to face the fact that sex tourism have even more risks - no matter which country you choose to visit.

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