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Thailand for newcomers

Thailand is striking abundance of colors, traditions and culinary abundance. If you are the first time in the country, then you can spend a couple days to orient in all this variety. A leaked precious time ...

What to see in Thailand? What to try in Thailand? What does it cost in Thailand?


Sightseeing tour of Pattaya Thailand.
Excellent start. You will see urban Buddhist temple - very impressive. The story about the traditions of the country, historical events, and religion will make it more understandable communication with local people and set up a philosophical view of the world.

Snake Farm - another feature of the excursion. It is not scary and exciting. During a story about snakes offer a variety of medications and even give a try.


Latex Factory necessarily included in the tour. The opportunity to lie down on the comfortable beds and soft pillows. You can buy a simple, but the mobile pad for 1500 baht. It is very convenient to take and then on a bus and placed under the head.

Many tour operators offer this trip free of charge - it is included in the total cost of the tour.


The River Kwai.
A unique opportunity to become acquainted with the nature and characteristics of Thai life, entertaining two-day trip.

The traditional Thai teak house, a coconut plantation and production of oil by hand cause genuine interest. This is a real, real life in South-East Asia.

Rafting on the River Kwai leaves a lot of impressions. Swim in the warm yellow river, surrounded by thickets along the banks of the jungle. Unusual plants fanciful shapes reminiscent of wild animals - take your breath away!

Riding an elephant in the countryside - a very exotic entertainment. Huge elephant kind
equipped with comfortable seats. Animals are very high - you, as Raja, sit on the shoulder of an elephant.

Evening on the river bank in the bungalow adjusts to the romance and leisurely besedu.Chasto in hotels offer massage - allow yourself to enjoy it after the bustle of the day. (200-300 baht) Masseuses in these places used another method, similar to acupuncture. Pattaya does not.

The next day you will go to the Ecopark, a huge waterfall in Erawan seven storied. A very beautiful place. On the way there are trees, spirits, dressed in bright ribbons and dresses. At the highest tier of fish are found that make massage - gently biting the skin - the feeling is very unusual.

During a stop on the way back in the shop you can buy a very good coconut oil. This is a great way to tan, to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin (costs about 300 baht per 500 ml). The pharmacy has a lot of treatments, and they are very effective.

Excursion on the River Kwai is available in different versions - and the economy and VIP. average cost - 3000 baht per person (meals included).


Tropical Garden Nong Nooch.
This magnificent garden is located close to Pattaya. It occupies a vast area and is famous for its variety of plants and trees. Many of them are unique. Plantation of orchids is amazing, lots of different palms, cacti room.

At the end of travel in the garden you find yourself in a fabulous Versailles, created from a landscape of forms in the tradition of landscape art.

But that's not all. The second part of the tour - Thai traditional view. Pictures of the court and country life, Thai boxing, elephants at the battle - all the runs in a bright colorful fun.

After submission you will see the national elephant show. Good-natured talented elephants playing football, dancing, cycling, shooting at targets. Communicating with these wise and funny animal returns a detstvo. Try to laugh heartily at their amusing antics.

A good complement to the bright tours is that you what you can eat. Here are a few cafe with different cuisines - Thai, Indian and European.

The cost of a trip to Nong Nooch Garden - 600 baht.


This three tours are being popular among tourists. They can cover a huge fairy-tale world of the Kingdom of Thailand. At a minimal cost you get maximum effort!

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