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Sex Safari in Costa Rica

The life of adult is solid sex tourism. But, just as among the travelers, there are those who commit hiking the nearby suburbs, and those who conquer the mountain peaks, among sex- amateurs and tourists meet fan with a capital letter. The geography of sex-tourism is extensive and traditional, as was formed several decades ago. In Europe, the Mediterranean is an area – most of Italy and France, less than Spain, and Benelux. The word as centers of pilgrimage for sex – is, first of all, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil (part of Argentina), Cuba, and virtually untapped Russian sex tourists, Costa Rica and Honduras.

The main hot spots in Central America are Costa Rica and Honduras. Honduras is famous for beautiful girls and low prices - $ 7 per night. The benefits of Costa Rica that is allowed sex with girls over 12 years of age, sexual relations occur by mutual agreement.

The global economic crisis is peculiarly affected the tourism industry in Costa Rica. Along with a drop of 15 percent of tourists in the country is experiencing a real boom in sex tourism. The growing number of unemployed women in neighboring countries has forced them to migrate to Costa Rica for prostitution, where she was officially authorized by law and controlled by the state since 1894.

In the popular “hot spots” of prostitutes, such as Hotel Casino Del Rey and Key Largo, along with local prostitutes can find women from Nicaragua, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and even from Russia. Increasing the number and nodiversity of women working there confirmed the fact that Costa Rica is considered one of the word centers of prostitution. In addition, increased competition among prostitutes forced them to significantly reduce price up to 40-50 percent. And this contributed to an increase in male tourists traveling to the country in search of cheap sex without commitment. This is mainly tourists from the United States and Canada, and they leave in the country a lot of money.

Although there are no official statistics, but according to experts in the country now has been between involved in sex industry about 20 000 woman, and comes into the country each year from 25000 to 50 000 sex tourists, 80 percent of whom are U.S. citizens.

Of course, the sex tourists are attracted by low prices. But not only sex the search. The exotic is attracting tourists.

Costa Rica is an amazing and unique country, where there is no problem to arrange this sex under, and safari in jungle. Who would refuse such an adventure, and also from the paradise of pleasure. There is exotic and unique sex. Not a soul around, heavenly grace, the birds are singing, there are cozy beach launches, which can be taken away at any naked time with the selected personal “guide” the female sex. You are now a steering whee close your cute mutters “instructor”. Beauty! It seems that you and really are under the supervision of an experienced instructor, and drive-by skipper combination, but in fact the bird you are free, and even dominant, as already paid good money not only for instruction. Woman instructor, respectively, can be selected as desired, and the time and duration of the safari is discussed.

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