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Philippines - is one of the most romantic and mysterious tourism places on the planet, because according to legend, this country is part of the sunken continent of Lemuria, who disappeared for several millennia before the advent of Atlantis. According to the legend, the Lemurians could perceive, generate and manipulate psychic energy. And as proof - doctors, healers from the Philippines. Can you imagine having sex in such a place as Philippines?


The composition of the Philippines is more than seven thousand islands, which are next door in South East Asia with China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Micronesia. Presently, the Philippine Islands, tribal, which produce food with a bow and spear, and had not even heard about matches or electricity. But tourists can not visit these tribes because they are closely guarded by both the Government and the UN, and UNESCO. Don't even think of those place no matter if your are for sex tourism or any other kind of tourism!


In the Philippines there are civilized islands, and the wild, uninhabited. For your trip, you can choose almost any island, you cant live not only in the hotel, but in the bungalow, which you can build by own hands. But if you are after sex tourism and going to visit uninhabited isle - don't forget to take your girl along. Going on a trip to the Philippine Islands, be aware that there are reserves on the territory of which is prohibited by hunting and fishing. Therefore, it is better to stay at the hotel (prices are very low) while on Philippines. And it's even much more recomended if you are after sex tourism. Picking up girls on the wild can be pretty dangerous.


On Philippines you can travel from one island to another by boat, plane or ferry. One of the most popular islands for tourism is the island of Palawan, here is one of the most famous resorts, which is likely to appeal to the romantic people. You can spend an unforgettable romantic evening on a deserted beach, where, except for you, palms, white sand and your sex partner - nothing around.


You can engage in sex, diving, boating or snorkeling, watching incredibly beautiful exotic fish, and you can take a boat rental and just swim in the ocean while enjoying incredibly transparent waves, blue skies and calm. And ofcourse - sex with only water around you and your sex partner.


Register a room in advance is better, because the Philippines - is very popular not only among tourists but also among royalty, Hollywood stars and other celebrities. In the luxury hotel rooms that look like a poor bungalows have no TV or internet - it will help you relax and enjoy the magnificent nature. Isn't it a place for some fantastic sex with philippine girl? Do not be afraid, the hotel is in communication with the outside world.


You have to visit Philippines just for the spa, the prices here are much anything, than you're used to, but the quality is much higher. All components used for massage, just a natural origin, and no preservatives. And why use preservative when the algae are at a distance of several meters? A professional massage therapists at a very high level. Philippine School of Massage provides training to professionals, living in different parts of the world. One of the best spa villages that look like luxury hotels, is the village of Nuture. And if you are lucky - you can get sexual massage... Philippine girls and women are good at this!


Philippines are great sex tourism location which you should add to the list!

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