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Dominican Republic nightlife

Dominican Republic – the country of eternal summer and picturesque landscapes, hundred kilometers of the snow-white beaches, the richest coral reeves, the pure rives original culture and the benevolent population. Christopher Columbus who has opened Espanola (so called this island) in 1492, considered this earth the most beautiful of all into which the foot of the person went.

And today it is one of the most roughly developing resort areas in the basin of the Caribbean Sea, annually accepting hundred thousand tourists.

In the country the travel sector is excellently developed. Here you can find a large quantity of hotels with extensive well-groomed territories, fine beaches, and the cheerful and easy atmosphere.

In Dominican Republic raging night lives, round the clock work night clubs, bars, pubs, casino. There are also entertainments only for adults, a strip and a peepshow.

Dominican Republic is an ideal vacation spot of tourists as at a high degree of service of the price here so low that there is a possibility to have a rest together all family. Night Dominican Republic will stage to you all charm of extravagant evening shows, every possible exotic entertainment. And unique aroma of ethnic cuisine will force you to visit traditional restaurants.

Choose from revue in style of Las Vegas, discos and casino to silent restaurants at the sea in the Santo- Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic. Hotels offer more traditional representations with folk music and dances. Live music is important component of a way of life of Dominican Republic. Practically everywhere it is possible to see popular dance merengue. At tourists’ bachata, perico, ripiao and salsa are the most popular. Malekon in the seaside boulevard of Santo- Domingo (the capital of Dominican Republic) is known for the night life all over the country. In Kasa -de- France, Plasa - de-la-Kultura and other places the set of concerts and other cultural actions are carried out to Santo-Domingo.

Santo-Doningo is very cheerful city. There are a lot of restaurants, and stormy night life doesn’t stop even with sunrise. Malekon Boulevard and a shopping street to Konda along which shops of the most famous brands are located are very popular.

At night here walks not only the youth, drinks smart Dominican coffe, rum, eats mango, listen music. In any settlement it is full of discos which aren’t closed till morning. So with night life in Dominican Republic everything is all right.

In Bavaro’s resort the most popular disco the Manga (Mangu), works from 23.00 till 6.00.

If you like entertainments, keep in mind that island abounds with disco, bars, cabaret and institutions where good live music play. Their cheerful and festive atmosphere will instantly be transferred to you.

And before going on a disco, you can take pleasure in a good restaurant that offer Creole or international kitchen.

If after darkness approach you will seem that your guiding star accompanies you this night, check the success in one of an island casino.  In case you prefer quieter pastime, you can go to the cinema, and it is possible to drink wonderful natural juice, a cup of delightful local coffee or a beer glass on a terrace.

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